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The Diet Stress Factor

Generally, the new generation has stuffed their minds with the dieting and literally end up following a crash diet. Even if they are not fat or obese, they keep themselves on diet because of that peculiar “size zero” popularity.

Keeping yourself starved is not a good idea to get rid of the unwanted fats. Face is the first victim of diet. When you start dieting barely anything happens in the first phase, but the major difference you feel is your unattractive complexion and your weak face.

To run the race of losing fat you completely neglect or forget the other essential

important things and trade off your looks on the first place. But avoid stressing yourself.

As it is so difficult to stick to the same diet, it makes you dull and bored. It is like doing something with immense pressure or utter compulsion. It is very difficult to maintain this but it is your will power that will carry you to the end.

At times people lose their mind to follow a diet plan. After the hard work of months and years, the not-expected result cause people intense disappoint and they lose their heart as well. No doubt, keeping oneself away from different types of tempting food requires a lot of sacrifice, patience and endurance.

Diet is not for the long run. You will get fed up of starving yourself. Who does not like to eat? Thinking of diet in your mind will make you stressed and anxious. Don’t you know one of the things that make you gain instant weight is stress? The more stressed you are the more you will gain fat. Suppose you have an egg, pea, potato and walnut. Do you think you need one tool to cut them all? The answer is clearly no, because they all have different body types and structure. Likewise we all have different body types it is not possible to lose fat by doing same exercise and diet. People go on crazy diets and do not exercise at all. They just get themselves weak over a mal-nutritious diet plan.

It is not at all good for health. Our body needs specific amount of proteins and  carbohydrates. Food gives you energy when and you utilize the food by working and exercising you can never get bad fats. Do you wonder why dieting is not helping you lose fat?

The common mistake is that you keep on starving yourself regardless of the fact that it gives you the unhappiness, you don’t notice the main reason why you are gaining fat and it is definitely the anxiety, stress and depression caused by it. There is a strong connection of stress with the fat gain but few people realize this fact.

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