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Bе Proud оf Yourself, but Respect Othеrs Tоо!– Peace and Contentment

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It іѕ very difficult tо keep а balance fоr thоѕе people whо аrе always looking fоr more аnd аrе nеvеr happy wіth thеmѕеlvеѕ currently. It thеrеfоrе, becomes necessary tо bе thankful fоr аll thаt уоu have achieved іn life аnd bе proud оf уоurѕеlf аѕ а person. Anоthеr key tо success аnd balance іn life іѕ tо bе confident аbоut уоurѕеlf, but аlѕо respect whаt others say. A person whо respects hіѕ elders аnd values thеіr advice always becomes more successful іn life аѕ compared tо thоѕе whо аrе overshadowed wіth overconfidence аnd superiority.

Peace оf Mind аnd Contentment

Anоthеr important aspect whісh саn асtuаllу make уоu realize how successful уоu аrе іn life іѕ how muсh contented do уоu feel wіth уоur life. At times whеn уоu…

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Weight Loss ASAP:


It’s Ben here and I am now back on my favourite topic of weight loss


Always Target Fat Loss

Fat reduction is complete process. It involves many steps. One of the most important steps is that you plan the whole process and do so intelligently and efficiently. You should set goals and targets in a specified manner so that you can stick to them better and cut that extra fat quickly and permanently.


You will see that most of the dieters mostly set goals and plans which involve demand. They try to make it a do or die situation. Their goals are loaded with words like “always”, “never”, “every” and “must”. You should know that nobody is perfect.


When you imply demand like I swear I’ll never have a doughnut or I’ll never miss gym you are deliberately setting yourself up for failure because you are trying to be perfect. In most cases people who do this end up failing. This ends up in disappointment and demoralization.


Most people give up start again on their bad diet too. You should remember that to err is human. You should think practically. This will help you set realistic goals which are achievable. You will fell rewarded if you do so. There is another problem associated with setting goals. This is creating goals that are way too high. These goals are out of reach and not based on logical thinking. You here dieters saying that they will lose 50 pounds by the end of the month of they are going to walk ten miles a day.


These goals will overwhelm you because of the time they require and simply because they are gigantic. Another issue with this approach is that that you can only be successful when you complete the goal and the goal so impossibly large and far away that it mostly leaves people with despair.


This does not necessarily mean that your goals should not be challenging. They should be but huge goals are most likely to end up in failure. It is important to break down your huge goal into parts which you can accomplish easily and gradually. This will build you morale and help you feel rewarded too.


Setting goals and organizing yourself is a perfect way to get started. They can be used to use your time better and spend energy on required areas.


 Your goals should be short term and specific. They should mostly comprise of what you are going to do tomorrow or next week. They should specify exactly what you plan to do so can have clarity.


 The goals you set should be traceable. You can track them by keeping a dairy or journal. This helps you see your progress and motivates you too.


 Your goals should exhibit positivity. This will further enhance your morale. They  should be “I will” rather than “I won’t”. Negative goals will leave you with a sense of depravity.


 Try not to lose fat for others. Do it for yourself so that you can do it better.


 Appreciating the journey is important. You should reward yourself in some way after every small victory.


 Your goals should be realistic so that you can have long-term success. You can live with these goals and make them a part of your life.





Here are some common Logo_Small

 Myths about Fat Loss

The human body is built to survive. It slowly adapts in order to persist in tough conditions.           It has evolved in to a fat piling machine. Our bodies store the food that is not immediately         used for energy as fat. This fat is converted back in to energy for our brain and muscles when our food intake is not enough. For the ancient human this was a very helpful ability.


But in today’s time when food is abundant this is a serious issue for us.

The global increase in obesity and high fat is due to a number of factors, but whatever the factors maybe maintaining a healthy fat is vital. In order to lose fat our body must use more calories than we eat or drink.


Fat loss has been brought up as a serious issue worldwide and many people are now considering this as an actual problem. More and more people are committed to fat loss.


We will be looking at the top myths associated with fat loss.


Starving can result in fat loss

Starving yourself is probably the worst way to lose fat. These crash diets have no results in the long run. Starving yourself can even lead to fat gain. The biggest issue with this type of diet is that you cannot maintain it. As you starve yourself the energy level decreases. This causes you to yearn for high-fat and high-sugar foods and when you finally give in to your hunger you will probably eat more food than you really need. So this approach can end fat gain.


A vigorous exercise is the only way to lose fat

Many people are still of the opinion that strenuous exercise is the only way to lose fat. In order to successfully control your fat, changes in your physical activity must be small and gradual. Normally an adult between 19 and 64 at least need 150 minute of physical activity, every week. Over fat individuals probably need more than this. Using more calories than you are eating can cause you to lose fat. Exercise burns more calories and eating less decreases the intake. You should have sound combination of the two to lose fat.


Slimming pills have long-term effects

Slimming pills are not a way to lose fat affectively. They should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. Other than that these pills can also have wide array of side effects. Long-term fat loss cannot be achieved by pills.


Putting a halt to snacking can help you lose fat

People who have an active lifestyle need a snack in-between meals to maintain their energy level. Snacking is not a problem when you are losing fat. The thing that matters is the type on snack. You should try and consume fruits and vegetables rather than chocolates or crisps which have high sugar and saturated fat.


You can lose fat by drinking water

Water cannot help you lose fat. Water is necessary for your optimal health. It also keeps you hydrated. When you are hydrated you are less likely to snack. People often mistake being thirsty for being hungry so if you are not hydrated you may eat more. You need at least 1.2 liters of water daily. Water keeps you hydrated and does not help you lose fat.


You can lose fat by skipping meals

If you are trying to lose fat skipping meals is not a good idea. Losing fat means that you have to reduce the intake of calories or increase the burning of calories. When you skip meals you are likely to feel tired and you will suffer from malnutrition. High-fat and high-sugar snacking can result in such a situation which will only result in fat gain.

Carbs are not helpful for dieters

Carbohydrates are a great source of energy. All Carbs are not equal. Low-carb diets are vital. You just need to limit the amount of processed carbs such as white bread or croissants. You can enjoy beans and whole grains such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and fiber and low in calories so they help reduce risk of obesity and heart disease. Carbs also help you burn body fat.


Frozen fruits and vegetables are not as nutritious as fresh ones

This is another myth associated with dieting. Fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of           ripeness are full of more vitamins and minerals. The amount of nutrients drops as they are shipped and stored. Frozen products are flash frozen so they are almost as full of nutrients as fresh ones. Frozen products without added sugar, syrup, sauce or cheese have less calories.


Not having breakfast will help you lose fat

This is a common practice among novice dieters. They assume that by not having breakfast will help them control their fat. According to a recent British study which consisted of 6,764 people who skipped breakfast gained twice as much fat over the course of four years as breakfast eaters. Speaking of skipping breakfast it must also be mentioned that skipping any meal will cause you to gain fat.


Your fat and metabolism is determined by your genes

This is also a big myth associated with fat issues. Most obese people argue that their fat is a cause of their heritage. This is false concept. Only 25 percent of your body fat is determined by your genes. You can lower your fat by combining low-calorie diet and exercise. Metabolism can also be increased by performing strength and resistance exercises.


The best time for exercise is early morning

People often argue that exercise done in the morning is much more useful. This is a false assumption. You will benefit the same amount and burn the same number of calories whenever you work out. The important thing to remember is to keep doing it regularly.


Depending whether you have free time in the evening or morning you can work out whenever you want. The key thing is that you do.

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Weight Loss continued

Bed Conrad back with some weekend tips

The Diet Stress Factor

Generally, the new generation has stuffed their minds with the dieting and literally end up following a crash diet. Even if they are not fat or obese, they keep themselves on diet because of that peculiar “size zero” popularity.

Keeping yourself starved is not a good idea to get rid of the unwanted fats. Face is the first victim of diet. When you start dieting barely anything happens in the first phase, but the major difference you feel is your unattractive complexion and your weak face.

To run the race of losing fat you completely neglect or forget the other essential

important things and trade off your looks on the first place. But avoid stressing yourself.

As it is so difficult to stick to the same diet, it makes you dull and bored. It is like doing something with immense pressure or utter compulsion. It is very difficult to maintain this but it is your will power that will carry you to the end.

At times people lose their mind to follow a diet plan. After the hard work of months and years, the not-expected result cause people intense disappoint and they lose their heart as well. No doubt, keeping oneself away from different types of tempting food requires a lot of sacrifice, patience and endurance.

Diet is not for the long run. You will get fed up of starving yourself. Who does not like to eat? Thinking of diet in your mind will make you stressed and anxious. Don’t you know one of the things that make you gain instant weight is stress? The more stressed you are the more you will gain fat. Suppose you have an egg, pea, potato and walnut. Do you think you need one tool to cut them all? The answer is clearly no, because they all have different body types and structure. Likewise we all have different body types it is not possible to lose fat by doing same exercise and diet. People go on crazy diets and do not exercise at all. They just get themselves weak over a mal-nutritious diet plan.

It is not at all good for health. Our body needs specific amount of proteins and  carbohydrates. Food gives you energy when and you utilize the food by working and exercising you can never get bad fats. Do you wonder why dieting is not helping you lose fat?

The common mistake is that you keep on starving yourself regardless of the fact that it gives you the unhappiness, you don’t notice the main reason why you are gaining fat and it is definitely the anxiety, stress and depression caused by it. There is a strong connection of stress with the fat gain but few people realize this fact.

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More tips on weight loss

Did you know that crash diets never create long term fat loss?
The simple truth is – these diets are more likely to be the source of long term FAT GAIN – which become too hard to maintain.
When the body gets low on energy – a craving for high-fat and high-sugar foods CAN OVERWHELM YOU.
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