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10 Reasons Why You Fail to  Lose Fat

LOSE 10 POUNS COVERAchieving the best health and optimum fat through diet and exercise is not an overnight process. It requires systematic approach, well-defined goals and a planned health strategy. The realization that you would start panting after a mild climb of three to four stairs is something to be worried about. Human body is the best possible form of a machine; but like other man made machines, this piece of intelligence and strength also requires constant maintenance and repair.


The main aspect of keeping your body healthy and active is the balanced diet and regular exercise. Other variables like fat loss, aerobics, yoga etc. can guarantee a unique physique but the primary benefit lies in the diet you eat and the workout you perform to maintain the best body fat.


Fat loss is not an overnight process. It requires determination and patience along with momentarily patience. There is not just one reason that you are constantly failing in achieving a well-toned body. Incompetent in reducing your calories, not having a balanced diet, unable to cut down junk food and certain medical conditions can deteriorate your fat loss and fitness. Following are the reasons why you fail to lose fat:


  1. Eating when you are not hungry – You are eating either you are bored, stressed out or emotionally upset. Most of the people want to fill up their mouths with food but doesn’t want to fill up their bellies, which is totally illogical. Munching pointlessly for the sake of time pass will enable you to put on more fat. Some people eat chocolates when they are stressed out or undergoing emotional breakdown. What they don’t realize is that besides the fact that chocolate is an anti-depressant, they are likely to gain fat more quickly in those days. People like to eat every time they sit in front of their TV screens.


  1. Consuming more Calories than required – Keeping track of how many calories you averagely consume per day is very important. Set a threshold level against your fat and restrict yourself to consume calories above it. Maintaining a record should be an obligation to lose fat. Without proper check and balance you can also fall into over eating and fail to evaluate how many calories you consume daily.


  1. Skipping breakfast – It is no myth that people who skip breakfast are likely to get more obese than those who start their day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast enhances your metabolism, lowers your cholesterol level, vitalizes your energy, makes you more productive and improves your focus level. A healthy breakfast containing fibers and carbohydrates will help you prevent excessive hunger that can initiate overeating in lunch or dinner. The idea is very simple; if you starve yourself till lunch or dinner, you will definitely eat more and completely fail to lose fat.


  1. Lack of Aerobic Exercise – One of the best ways to lose fat instantly is to perform aerobic exercises. 30 minutes of indulgence in aerobic exercises can burn handsome amount of calories. Eating three meals a day along with extra stuffing will give you many extra calories and the only way to burn them is through cardiovascular workouts such as running, cycling, trekking, skipping, jogging, swimming, and walking. Aerobics shall not only help you lose fat but intense workouts like stretching and strength training will give you more muscular strength and flexibility.


  1. Lack of Muscle Building – The most effective method of burning fat and building muscle mass is strength training. Strength training affectively increases bone density, strengthens the heart, lowers pumping blood pressure, enhances blood flow activity, prevents degeneration of muscles, helps control blood sugar to an optimum level, improves cholesterol levels and tremendously improves your physical balance.


  1. Excessive Perseverance Of Fluids – At times your body can start to retain water more than usual causing a serious condition known as edema. Edema is primarily caused by excessive salt in diet, severe medications, damaged or diseased liver or kidney, congestive heart failure, damaged lymphatic system, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and even hormonal imbalance.


  1. Underactive Thyroid – Also known as Hypothyroidism, underactive thyroid plays a dramatic role against fat loss. People undergoing this medical condition will put on fat more quickly than those facing obesity. Underactive Thyroid is very common in both males and females aged from 40 to 50. Most common symptoms are hair fall, skin irritation, chronic fatigues, decline in immunity, sensitivity to cold, irregular periods, muscle and joint pains, regular cramps and muscle numbness.


  1. Hormone Imbalance – This occurs when those hormones that actively participate in controlling fat are either outnumbered or are out of balance. Many doctors support the idea that balancing hormones level is the secret to fat loss, eliminating sleeping disorders, catalyst energy, stress life and active health. Certain factors revolve around hormonal imbalances, such as acne, hair problems, pregnancy, severe medications, malnutrition, infertility and menstrual problems.


  1. Indigestion – There might be certain types of food that are unfit for your stomach and are unable to be digested by you. Even at time your stomach might show zero tolerance towards them, such as due to excess acidity in your stomach. Some foods can also cause fluid retention hindering your fat loss. Studies show that approximately 10% of adults are a victim of food intolerance.


  1. Drugs, Supplements or Steroids – Certain medicines have noticeable side effects related very closely to fat gain or inability to lose fat. You need to identify which medicines, anti-depressants, oral contraceptives, supplements and steroids are restricting your fat loss.

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Weight Loss ASAP————–part 5

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Easiest Tips to Lose Fats

Naturally it is quite natural that everyone is trying to lose fat and also they want to lose it very quickly. Most of them try to take some diet pills, or switch to some fad diet, in order to lose fat. However the resulting fat loss is not long lasting. Many Studies have shown that people who lose fat gradually are more successful at keeping it off for long time. It is essential to change your lifestyle, in order to lose fat.

Therefore, if you do not have any habit to do exercise, then it is the most important recommendation to get start with it as soon as possible. You may become surprise by hearing that you can lose your fat in a natural way, without using any diet pills and fad diet. Natural fat loss is a very simple way for fat loss and it is not at all taking a diet pill or not about consuming fad diet. Mainly it is making gradual changes to your eating and lifestyle habits, due to which you lose fat and get health benefits.

Eat Vegetables

Five servings of vegetables a day steamed, raw or stir-fried are very important and consider it essential for your diet. A diet high in vegetables is linked with a reduced risk of developing cancers of the lung, breast, colon, cervix, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, bladder and ovary. Many of the most powerful phytonutrients are available in vegetables with the boldest colors such as broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, carrot, grapes and leafy greens.

Exercise daily

This includes improving eyesight, normalizing blood pressure, improving lean muscle, lowering cholesterol and improving bone density. If you want to live well and live longer, you must exercise! Studies show that even 10 minutes of exercise makes a difference so do something! Crank the stereo and dance in your living room. Sign up for swing dancing or ballroom-dancing lessons. Walk to the park with your kids or a neighbor you’d like to catch up with. Jump rope or play hopscotch. Spin a hula hoop. Play water volleyball. Bike

to work. Jump on a trampoline. Go for a hike.

 Eat like a kid

If adding more fruits and vegetables sounds boring then look to “finger food” versions that preschool kids love such as celery and carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, berries, grapes and dried fruits. All are nourishing powerhouses full with antioxidants.

Use foods over supplements

Supplements are not a substitute for a good diet. Although many health experts recommend taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides 100 to 200% of your recommended daily value, each and every supplement should be carefully evaluated for purity and safety.

Many supplements have been associated with toxicity, competition with other nutrients, reactions with medications, and even increased risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


Weight Loss ASAP———Part 4



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Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

lose fatYou need to understand that weight loss and fat loss are not exactly same things. Weight loss is very easy to attain actually. All you need to do is to take in little amount of calories than what your body burns regularly.


If your body burns two thousand calories, and you just take in one thousand calories, you will probably feel that you are losing weight. The actual problem is that if the calories you are taking in do not have the sufficient amount of vital nutrients, the weight you are trying to lose may appear in the form of muscle tissue loss or maybe water weight. In the end you will observe changes but the result will be a more defined that what you thought it would be but you will see much smaller version of yours with a badly damaged metabolism.


Suppose that you follow a diet plan that generates a minor caloric shortfall. According to the plan, if you burn twenty five hundred calories each day, your body will consume twenty three hundred calories which means that you will face a shortfall of about two hundred calories every day. It doesn’t sound healthy, right?


Now suppose that you are working under a good diet plan which consists of a good amount of carbohydrates, proteins and little amounts of good fats, and also once a week you much through a little more calories than the usual that will be about twenty six hundred calories so that you are able to prevent a metabolic slowdown. This sounds much better. Moreover, you craft an even larger caloric insufficiency all the way through your strenuous routines of body building and a cardiovascular plan which consists of a thirty minutes work out each day.


In this way, your bones and muscle tissues are conserved; in fact they get better and at the same time, fat loss and the release of extra water preservation are increased. This is clearly what we are trying to achieve.


It might look alluring to blame your metabolism when you put on large amount of weight. But you should keep in mind that as metabolism is a natural process; your body normally equalizes it to meet your particularized requirements. So, if you try your “starvation diets”, your body balances by decelerating these corporal processes and preserves calories for body’s survival. Only it happens in exceptional cases that you get unnecessary weight gain from a medical issue that results in slow down of metabolism rate, such as

Cushing’s syndrome or having an underactive thyroid gland.


Unhappily, weight gain is generally the outcome of having more calories than you burn. So, in order to lose weight you need to create an energy deficit by taking in smaller amount of calories, by raising the number of calories you metabolize by the help of bodily activities, or maybe both.


Restricting you calorie intake is almost a sure way to lose weight but you should remember to distinguish between weight loss and fat loss. This is something that applies anyone who is interested in bodybuilding or simply looking fit. You should work out more and more and have diet plan but you also need to be smart about it.


You do not have much power over the speed of your metabolism but what you can do is control the number of calories you burn b you physical activity. Simply put, the more active you are the more calories you will burn. Being more active is often mistaken for having a fast metabolism. You can be smart about your physical activity in the following ways.


Aerobic exercises are considered the most effective way to burn calories. These include walking, bicycling and swimming. You should at least try to inculcate 30 minutes of aerobic activity in your daily routine. If you are planning to lose weight     or strengthen yourself then you probably need to increase this amount. If you cannot work out for a long period of time you can try another approach. This is to work out in separate sessions of 10-20 minutes throughout the day. This will promote activity for greater benefits.


As you age you experience muscle loss. Any strength training such as weightlifting can help you counteract this loss. Another vital thing to consider is that muscle is excellent fat burners. So you should definitely consider adding muscle mass to reduce weight.


Simple things like taking the stairs can or parking bit far at the store can help you reduce weight. Try to do anything that requires physical activity. You will only doing yourself a favour.



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Weight Loss ASAP—————part 3


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Daily Habits of Healthy


Fat loss is not as difficult as people say it is. It is definitely under your control, it’s just that you have to make a proper plan to lose your fat. If you want to lose a hundred pounds in a few weeks then don’t blame fat loss, it’s your own mistake. Fat loss demands patience and dedication. You first have to change the lifestyle you are living. You will have to add things into your life that healthy people do. Here are a few things that you should do in order to lose fat.


Make a Calorie Chart

You will have to make a calorie chart to check how many calories in a day, are you consuming. There are calorie calculators too that can better serve the purpose. You need to check out how many calories you need to consume in a day. You have to make sure that you don’t starve. Once you are done with calculating the calories, the next thing you have to do is to distribute the calories, i.e. you have to divide the total number of calories in the meals you consume per day.


Eat a balanced diet

Losing fat does not mean that you stop eating everything and starve to death. You need to know that if you are losing fat real quick, you will gain it real fast again. You have to include all carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet.




  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Fish

Low Carb Veggies:

  • Zucchini
  • Pumpkin
  • Potatoes
  • Corn
  • Beets
  • Peas
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot


  • Coconut oil
  • Butter
  • Olive oil


You should not be scared of consuming fat in your diet. Fish oil is a good thing to add into your nutrition plan. Do not starve yourself in order to lose fat.

Eat slowly

You should quit eating fast. When we eat, a message is passed by the brain that we are full. This process takes a long while. If you eat fast, you will be full till your brain even processes the command. It is better that you eat slowly. This way you will not eat much. You will get full by having a little amount of food.


You definitely need to do exercise to burn calories but you should not do very strenuous exercises. You may burn a lot of calories while exercising but again if you eat a bowl of cereal, you will gain the double amount of calories again. You should only exercise for a little time. All you need to do is to put your focus on what and how much you eat. Start with 5 minutes a day and when your body gets used to it, increase the time. This is an effective way to lose fat. Just eat fewer calories and you are almost done.

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Weight Loss ASAP—-part 2

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Losing fat is not easy. It’s like a slippery path where you have to walk very carefully. One wrong move and you slip down. As you learn what not to do while walking on a slippery path, you should also learn what not to include in your diet when you are trying to lose your fat. The lists of common foods you need to avoid are:


Diet Soda

Many people think that having diet soda in their diet can help reduce fat but this is so not true. Diet soda contains many artificial sweeteners that play a role in increasing fat. People who want to lose fat should completely avoid it.


Frozen food

Frozen meals might seem tempting when you are hungry. However, you need to know that those meals are loaded with salt in order to preserve them and as a result of that, your body demands more food and you need a large amount of water to dissolve that big amount of salt. It is, therefore, better to avoid them.


White Rice

If you want to lose fat, you will have to say no to white rice. You can have brown rice instead. White rice has a low number of nutrients and that makes you hungry soon.


White Bread

White bread makes your waistline grow bigger. It affects your blood sugar levels a great deal. It is better to avoid white bread if you are really serious about losing your fat.



Ketchup contains high levels of sugar and salts. Ketchup and fries might seem to be a perfect-combo but ketchup and your waistline don’t make a good combination. So, it’s high time that you stop having ketchup often.


Effect of Sugar

Sugar is good for health but when it comes to fat loss, you should probably quit consuming sugar. Sugar when consumed, converts into glucose and fructose. Glucose is very healthy for the body as our body produces it during metabolism. Fructose on the other hand, is not produced in the body and is not consumed by all cells of the body. Only the liver metabolizes and there it changes into fat.


Effects of Raised Testosterone Levels On Fat Loss

Over fat people have low levels of testosterones. You can boost your testosterone levels naturally. Following is the list of few of the foods that can help you boost your

Testosterone levels:

  • Citrus Fruits
  • Eggs
  • Red meat
  • Avocado
  • Beetroots
  • Broccoli
  • Pomegranate
  • Watermelon
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage


Can Water Be Helpful In Losing Fats?

Researchers state that water does not magically help reduce fat. But, it indirectly is related to fat loss. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you prevent overeating because you feel full. Drinking cold water increases the metabolism rate. Therefore, drinking water can be somehow helpful in losing fat.


Small Meals Throughout The Day

Losing fat doesn’t mean that you should stop eating or you should eat when your stomach gets empty. You should have small healthy meals throughout the day.


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Weight Loss ASAP



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Am going to write a series of articles on weight loss , which is my particular interest

I Hope you find it interesting———–I was nearly 100 pounds heavier a few years back compared to today, so I can speak from first hand personal experience


Crash diets never result in long-term fat loss. In fact, they are more likely to be the source of long- term fat gain and are too hard to maintain. It will make your body to get low on energy and cause you to crave for high-fat and high-sugar foods. When you finally give up and eat those foods, the possibility is that you will consume more calories than you need, resulting in intense fat gain.


Over restriction of caloric intake and starving yourself will have the opposite effect on your body and will cause your body to go into starvation mode where anything you eat will store as fat, as your body will not know when will get food again. However, restricting calories to a healthy amount, and adding in exercise will help you to lose fat in long term.


The main thing to remember is that your body need at least 1200 calories a day to function and you burn them naturally throughout the day even without working out. In order to lose fat, stick to at least 1500 calories or maybe a little more if you start working out daily. Start your day with rich breakfast, have healthy snacks, healthy lunch and end it with little smaller healthy dinner, two hours before you go for goodnight sleep.


Always remember that fat loss is not an overnight process; as you didn’t gain 10 lbs in a day. Therefore, you aren’t going to lose 10 lbs. in a day either. Just keep with it and stay motivated, but by all means DO NOT starve yourself. It is really harmful for your body and will lead towards opposite effects.


So instead stay motivated and follow healthy eating patterns. In general, any diet that requires eliminating 100% of signal type of food category isn’t safe and once you are off of a fad diet the fat can return in no time.


It is always recommended by famous fitness expert to include snacks several times a day. It can support you with your fat-management goals because they provide essential energy, prevent overeating, and accelerate your metabolism.


Healthy snacks provide about 200 calories or less, and also contain a combination of nutrients and fibres. Always go for a snack that contains hunger-fighting protein, beneficial carbohydrates and heart-healthy unsaturated fat (found in nuts, seeds, fatty fish, oils, olives and avocadoes).


Moreover, avoid snacks that are nutrient-poor and provide calories from little to no beneficial nutrients like fibres, minerals and vitamins.


The word diet is not a very friendly word for your health. However, most people think that going on a specific diet is all they can do to make sure the fat loss. Cutting back on cookies and chips is a wonderful idea but dieting doesn’t have to be about losing everything you love. Simply set yourself up with smaller portions at dinner and small dessert afterwards.


It is solely a doctor or dietician choice that can determine if you need to go on a true diet or not, but mostly they encourage a lifestyle and some eating pattern changes rather than depriving you of everything you love to eat.


Obesity has become a full fledge common disease these days. People tend to apply different remedies to loose fat instantly. Even latest technology is trying to incorporate several methods and techniques to enable people to get rid of flabby fat developed on their bodies. Some expensive methodologies like liposuction has also been introduced.


Only well-off people can avail this service due to its high cost. These are not the permanent ways of getting rid of fats. For the time being you might feel younger, slimmer and smarter but when the normal routine starts you again start to gain the unwanted fat.

Achieving best health through diet and exercise is not an overnight process. It requires systematic approach, well-defined goals and a planned health strategy.

The realization that you would start panting after a mild climb of three to four stairs is something to be worried about. The human body is the best possible form of a machine; but like other man made machines, this piece of intelligence and strength also requires constant maintenance and repair.

The main aspect of keeping your body healthy and active is the balanced diet and regular exercise.


Other variables like fat loss, aerobics, yoga etc. can guarantee a unique physique but the primary benefit lies in the diet you eat and the workout you perform to keep the heart running.


These days costs of medical services are soaring up to the sky. High medical bills can even leave you in debt and may lead you to inevitable stress and financial problems that can affect your body and mental health massively. Heading towards a healthy life through healthy means will enable you to live every day of your life at its best.


Will talk further next time


Positive Affirmations fоr Success

Hello and Good Morning

Further to my recent blogs about success, I am going to give a few more tips  below365 days


Positive thinking іѕ thе key tо success. Bу thinking positive, wе саn maintain оur focus оn оur tasks аnd reach new heights bу completing thеm excellently. Thе problematic thing аbоut many people іѕ thаt thеіr attention tends tо get diverted frоm thеіr aim іn thе absence оf motivation frоm аnоthеr person. Thе result оf thіѕ diversion оf attention іѕ thаt thеѕе people аrе nоt аblе tо achieve whаt thеу set оut tо. Practically, іt іѕ nоt possible fоr ѕоmеоnе tо bе present wіth уоu еvеrу time tо motivate уоu. At ѕuсh times, wе have no option but tо turn tо оurѕеlvеѕ fоr motivation аnd affirmation. Bу saying positive things tо уоurѕеlf, уоu саn prepare уоurѕеlf fоr thе challenges оf thе present аnd thе future. Wіth thіѕ change іn approach, уоu wіll notice thаt уоu wіll automatically start getting thе solutions fоr many оf уоur problems. Hоwеvеr, thе process оf self motivation has tо bе constant. Thеrе аrе ѕоmе things thаt уоu саn say tо уоurѕеlf tо help уоur mind remember уоur goals аnd ambitions. Suсh positive affirmations аrе essential fоr people оf аll age groups, аnd fоr accomplishing kinds оf goals. Given bеlоw аrе ѕuсh positive affirmations thаt уоu саn uѕе.


Fоr Children


I know thаt I аm intelligent.

I have thе capacity tо outperform іn thе upcoming annual examination.

I wіll work hard fоr success.

I know thаt mу parents аnd teachers care fоr mе.

I wіll follow аll thе instructions оf mу teachers аnd parents.

I wіll get аll mу doubts related tо studies аnd оthеr issues cleared frоm thе elders.

I wіll respect аnd treat mу colleagues wеll аnd help thеm іn need.

I wіll try tо improve оn mу weaknesses аnd develop mу strengths furthеr.

I wіll face thе adversities аnd calamities іn life wіth full confidence аnd strength.


Fоr Women


I аm nоt inferior tо thе men іn аnу aspect оf life.

I аm strong аnd саn take mу decisions independently.

I wіll try mу level best tо strike а perfect balance bеtwееn home аnd career.

I wіll give mу kids thе best education possible fоr ensuring thеіr bright future.

I wіll achieve mу goals bу working hard аnd bу being consistent іn mу efforts.

I wіll fight against аnу sort оf injustice оr bad treatment given tо mе.

I аm fully aware оf mу strengths аnd weaknesses.


Fоr Success іn Love Life


I love аnd respect mуѕеlf.

I believe іn love.

I аm ready tо start а new relationship.

I wіll accept а good love proposal whісh comes mу way.

I wіll try mу best tо make thе relationship а success.

I wіll forgive mу partner fоr hіѕ mistakes.

I wіll give hіm hіѕ space whеn necessary.

I wіll face аll thе responsibilities thаt mу relationship requires mе tо.

I wіll encourage mу partner аnd help hіm іn аll possible ways.

I wіll try tо understand mу partner wеll bу having а lot оf patience.


Staying positive саn work wonders tо make уоu realize уоur potential. Sо stay positive аnd see how іt helps уоu!


You will win, I promise you

Talk again soon

Ben Conrad